Febrauary Nail Art Challenge- Valentine’s Day Nails

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying it with your significant other, children, pets, by yourself… whatever works for you :). I planned on spending the day with my little man and taking him to the beach for a picnic today but we’ve had nasty rainy weather here in Florida so we’re staying in instead.

Before I show you my Valentine’s Day nails, I have to tell you that I don’t really like them. I had an idea in my head and it just didn’t play out as well as I was hoping it would. I wanted to use pastel colors but I think it ended up looking similar to those candy conversation hearts and they look kind of Eastery. Image

ImageI do love how my index finger and ring finger turned out though :). They’re my favorite.

ImageMy mother in law bought me these Valentine’s Day nail art stencils from Avon last month so I tried using them yesterday when I created my mani. They left a bit of the red stencil behind when I pulled them off. You can see it on my thumb and ring finger. I tried to cover it up but ended up screwing them up a bit so I gave up lol. Also my top coat made my pinky bubble up.

ImageFor this mani I used Julep Renee, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Julep Carrie, Color Club French Tip, and Julep Blake.


February Nail Art Challenge- Inspired by a Pattern

I want to give a warm welcome to all of our new followers :). Hi everyone! I know most of you are here from the giveaway. Good luck to everyone and I hope you all decided to stick around after the giveaway is over too. I’m jealous of all of you all getting to enter that giveaway. Those are some great prizes!

If you’re not even sure what giveaway I’m talking about and want to enter it, you can find the details about it in this post.

Ok now back to the nail art challenge. Today’s theme is ‘Inspired by a Pattern’. I bought a new shirt recently that I just love. It’s mauve pink with gold dots. I knew it is what I wanted to use for my pattern. After I started putting my pictures together I realized that day 8 is polka dots too. So I’ll have two polka dot nails this challenge lol.



ImageI used two coats of Essie Eternal Optimist as my base color and then created gold shimmery dots with Julep Sienna in the same pattern they’re on the shirt.

Here’s a picture of my inspiration with my nails. ImageImageI really like these colors together. I probably would have never paired them up on my own had it not been for my new shirt :).

And as always, check out all the other great mani’s from this challenge! πŸ™‚

February Nail Art Challenge- Half Moon Mani

Hello everyone! Ready for more half moons? After I painted my nails for the half moon challenge last night, I realized that the colors are similar to the colors I used last time around for this same challenge lol. Super creative, huh?

9 Day Challenge February 2013

ImageIf you don’t remember (or if you’re one of my new followers) I used purple and gold last time. So not completely the same but similar.

ImageFor today’s half moons I used two coats of Julep Gayle as my base color. It’s a dark purple creme. Very pretty in the right light. I used circle stickers this time to help with my half moon. Last time I free handed it but it was a pain. I painted two coats of Essie Beyond Cozy for the top half of the half moon. Once that dried, which was fairly quick since it’s such a dense glitterful (I may have made that word up) polish, I used a small dotter and just made little dots around my moon shape in the same color purple, Gayle. Top coat it and you’re done!



Check out the InLinkz below to see how the other girls did with their half moons!

Maya and Jane

It’s Friday!!! I hope you all survived the week just fine πŸ™‚

Recently Julep came out with a limited edition polish called Jane. It’s a full coverage rose gold glitter and was named after the company founder, Jane Park. I am in love <3. You all know I love glitter but they suckered me in with the limited edition title. I had to get it.


I don’t regret my purchase one bit. In fact, I’m debating on if I should order another for a back up seeing as it’s limited edition you know ;). I’m wearing two coats of Jane and two coats of Glisten and Glow HK Girl top coat to smooth it out and make it super shiny.

Maya is a light pink, shimmery polish. It reminds me of sea shells I used to find when I was little. Maya’s application was a bit tough. I have some killer brush strokes as you can see in the pictures and I had to fight with cuticle flooding. I also got a bubble on my pinky. So I’m not too impressed with Maya. Although she’s pretty and I think she made a perfect match with Jane.

ImageI wanted to give you a closer picture of Jane too. Gorgeous, don’t you agree?



Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re all having a terrific weekend so far. Mine has been… entertaining. I’ve had a busy week and not a lot of time to do my nails so I was itching to sit down today and put something new on.

I received my Zoya order, the 3 polishes for $10. I wanted to wear Opal right away. It’s so darn pretty.


I used two coats of Julep Kim as my undies for Opal since this is a fleck effect top coat. I really wanted to get all three of the Fleck Effect polishes but I resisted. Opal is the only one available on the site right.

ImageWhat do you think of Opal?

Abstract Art

Today I let Jayden pick out the two colors I’m wearing. He chose blue and yellow. I should have known! More specifically, he chose Julep Annie and Alma.

I wanted to do a little nail art also since it’s been awhile. I’m not really sure if this is abstract art or not but that’s what I’m calling it :).

ImageI actually really like how this turned out. It was simple to do and it’s really subtle in person. The color combinations with this design could be endless.

Alma is the mustard yellow color. I’m wearing two coats for full opaqueness. The blue is Annie. I really love this blue. It’s bright and cheery. I’m also wearing two coats of Annie. To finish, I used a white nail art polish to draw the lines in.


Lavender Susie

Happy Monday!

One of my Facebook nail polish groups set up an event for using untried polishes this month. I’ve noticed that so far I’ve only used my untried polishes so I’m going to keep up with that this whole month. That was really my goal as I started this blog anyways. But I always find myself going back to the same ones I know and love.

Today I’m wearing Julep Susie and Milani Lavender.

ImageSusie is a BEAUTIFUL powdery, sky blue color. I’ve received a lot of complements on this one. Even from my husband! ::gasp:: He noticed it before I shoved my hands in his face and yelled “LOOK!” like I normally do lol. Of course, I had to give him credit for it anyways since he bought it for me ;). He just didn’t know it.

Lavender is part of the Jewel FX line from Milani. It’s a clear base coat with purple micro and hexagon glitter. It’s very pretty and I think it made a great accent with Susie.


Do you like this combination? What are some colors you would like to see together? I’d love some inspiration for you all.

Also, SALE ALERT! I’m sure you’ve probably seen this already but Zoya has a sale going on until 1/13/13. Three free nail polishes with the promo code Zoya2013. You only have to pay shipping and processing which is $10. So $10 for three Zoya polishes isn’t bad at all! There are some restrictions though. Aren’t there always? It’s limited to US only and it excludes Zoya Nail Treatments, Gilty Pleasures and Spring 2013 Lovely & PixieDust Collection colors.

I ordered Faye, Opal, and Wednesday πŸ™‚

Madison and Fiona

This is quite possibly the brightest mani I’ve worn yet. I love it πŸ™‚

Madison and Fiona are two of the January Julep 2013 neon colors.

ImageJulep lists them as both neon creme’s but Madison seems more like a jelly to me. I’m not a fan of jelly polishes but this one has stole my heart. You can kind of tell by looking at my index finger that it’s very glossy and almost looks like a gel polish. Next time I wear this one I’m going to try out a jelly sandwich and see how it looks!

ImageFiona was a bit on the thinner side. I’m wearing two coats in the pictures but next time I wear Fiona, I will layer 3 coats. You can’t tell in the pictures but I can see the nail ridges on my ring finger.

ImageOver all, I really like both polishes and I’m really glad I chose Madison as an add on this month. πŸ™‚

Fun fact: Pink and green were my wedding colors 6 years ago :). That’s why I chose this color combination today.

January Julep Maven Box

It’s already that time of the month again. Julep Maven un-boxing time, that is.

This month Julep released their Resort Collection, neons and nudes. To get us all out of our winter blues! It has only been cold a handful of day here in Florida so I’m always ready for neons. In fact, I think Julep read my mind… remember my post last month? I was itching for neons!

Ok, lets get to it and see what’s in the box:Image

I went with the Boho Glam box this month. It features Fiona (neon) and Teresa (nude).Image

I noticed on the bottom of the bottles this month(year) that Julep adding the year plus 3/120 and 4/120. I really like this. For any Julep collectors this will be handy to make sure you have all 120, 2013 polishes. It kind of makes me want to make sure I get all 120 bottles too. I don’t know how I’ll pull that off just yet lol.Image

The product this month is a Hand and Cuticle stick. I normally use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. So I’m interested to see how this compares. I’d love to tell you exactly what this smells like but I’m fighting a cold so my sense of smell is a little off lol. To me it smells a bit like floral and citrus. ImageAnother neat thing Julep came out with this year was their “Swatch Me” stickers. In the past I’ve just painted the lids of my Julep bottles so that I know which is what in my Helmer. They offered these as add on’s this month too but I didn’t buy any. I didn’t think I’d like them or find a use for them since I had my other method. Truth be told, I love them! I need more. Another extra added this month were these neon hair ties! They’re so cute!Image

But wait! There’s more! I chose 3 add on’s this month.


I love the one step remover pads so I added them on this month to make sure I always have some on hand. I also wanted two more of the neons. I picked out Nina and Madison.Image

They’re numbers 8 and 11 of the collection. ImageHere are all 4 polishes swatched on the “Swatch Me” stickers. Image

What did you think of this month’s box? A lot of people were upset with it. I guess that’s bound to happen though. You can’t make everyone happy. I, however, am IN LOVE! I plan on nail swatching all four of these colors for you all the rest of this week so stay tuned for that.

And as usual… If you’re not a Julep Maven yet and want to become one, you can find my referral button to the right of the page. Or just click here. Julep is monthly subscription service forΒ  $19.99 a month. You wont be mad about it ;).