Jindie Nails Nail Mail

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few mini polishes from the Jindie restock on Etsy. I grabbed Pretty Penny, Electric Grape, and Candy Land. I was most excited for Candy Land and now that I’ve used it, I feel a bit let down :(. We’ll get more into that later.

I grabbed Electric Grape on a whim. I kept waiting for a mini of Water 4 Elephants to show up and it never did, until I quickly placed my order with the 3 polishes I already had in my basket. I didn’t want to get cart jacked of Candy Land! lol

When my order finally came in, I looked at them all and decided I was feeling “eh” about Electric Grape. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I don’t know why, but I thought it was going to be a much darker purple. Well, after using it. It quickly turned into my favorite!

ImageThis is in direct sunlight. Electric Grape is a purple jelly with blue micro shimmer. It’s gorgeous! I’m wearing 3 coats in the pictures.


Here is a picture of Electric Grape in the shade:

ImageBy far my favorite of the 3 I ordered! I’m going to also try to layer this over a dark purple polish and a white polish to see how it looks.

Next up is Pretty Penny. This polish is in a clear base and is full of pink, gold, copper, and bronze glitter. It’s very pretty too! I used 3 coats in my pictures. No undies. This would look great layered over a lot of colors.



Last but not least is Candy Land. I’m wearing 4 coats in all of the pictures. Candy Land is a milky white base full of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow neon glitters.


ImageIt’s pretty, right? I want to love this one but I’m disappointing in it. I’m not sure if it’s because I own a mini instead of a full size, but the neon glitters were SO HARD to get out. I let my bottle sit upside down hoping the glitter would be easier to get out when I flipped it back over, but they all sunk back to the bottom quickly. The brush on the mini bottle makes it difficult to fish around. And look at my bottle… there is a lot of glitter in there! Ugh.

So there you have it. My first Jindie Nails order. I still want Water 4 Elephants and will be ordering the full size of that! I don’t want any trouble with trying to fish out glitter! Her next restock is this Saturday, February 23rd on Etsy.



Happy Veterans Day to all of my followers in the United States!

I wanted to wear some patriotic-ish nails in honor of our Veterans today. My grandfather, uncle, and cousin are all military veterans and I appreciate them and all of our other veterans on all of their hard work and dedication for our country!

Today’s polish is one coat of Color Club Berry and Bright with a coat of Northern Star Polish Kaleidoscope on top.


Berry and Bright is a shimmery red part of the Winter Affair Collection. It’s very pretty alone. I wish I would have captured a picture of this color by itself too.


Kaleidoscope is another one of the indies I purchased from Northern Star Polish on Etsy. NSP states on their Etsy page that it “consists of a clear base with matte and satin glitters in blues, green, pinks, and yellow. Ultra-fine silver holo was added for an extra sparkle, plus just dash of light blue diamonds.”

ImageI really liked this glitter. I think even more than Pumpkinlicous. I’d like to try it again with more layers of glitter and even different colored undies. All the possibilities!


Hello there again! I hope you’re all having a terrific week so far. It’s almost Friday! 🙂

Today I’m showing you an indie brand I came across on Etsy awhile back. They’re called Northern Star Polish. They had a few glitters that screamed out to me while I was searching around on Etsy to make a new purchase. One of them is Pumpkinlicious. Perfect for Autumn!

I started with two coats of Color Club Model Behavior. I normally only use 1 coat if I’m going to layer glitter over top but I wanted to swatch this color as well. You’re getting a twofer today! 🙂


It’s the perfect coppery colored undies for Pumpkinlicious, if you ask me.

Here’s Pumpkinlicious. I have one coat over top of Model Behavior.


This polish is full of burnt orange and gold holo glitter with green hexes. It’s in a clear base. I had to fish out the green hexes for a few of my nails. Overall I love it and will gladly wear this again for Thanksgiving.


What do you think of it?

My first Indies

A friend of mine surprised me with some awesome nail mail the other day. Her and her fiance are starting their own Indie Nail Polish line! I’m so excited for them and can’t wait to see what all they have to offer. They haven’t decided on an official name just yet so stay tuned for an update. So far one name they have in the works in K.T. Lacquers. K.T. is their initials: Kellen and Tara. Update: They decided on the brand name “Kelara Lacquers”

The two colors they sent me are Seaside and Butterfly Kisses. I think the names are perfect for the polish as you can see in my pictures below.


Seaside is a beautiful shimmery blue with small silver glitters inside. I fell in love with this color when I put it on. I’ll definitely be buying more of this in a full size when their line is open. Look at how beautiful it is! This is 2 coats in direct sunlight.


Butterfly Kisses looks like it’s a light purple iridescent polish packed full of purple, pink, blue, and butterfly glitters. It really is pretty! It’s not something I would normally wear but it would be perfect for the little princess in your life :). I layered 2 coats on bare nails. I think next time I’ll try it out with some “undies” underneath.


I can’t wait to see what more Tara and Kellen come up with and I’ll give you more updates on their line as it comes about. XOXO