Franken Femme

Hi girls! I’m back from my little blogcation. I took a little break and now I’m ready to get back to blogging. I missed you all and can’t wait to catch back up on what I’ve missed.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a post in one of my (many) Facebook nail polish groups that I’m a part of. Becca from Franken Femme posted looking for bloggers to showcase her beautiful franken polish creations and to get the word out about her blog, which is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to create their own polishes. She asked what my favorite kind of polish was and she would work to create a special mini for myself. Well ok! I wont turn that idea down.

Becca has been fabulous the whole step of the way. I let her know that I love blue and teal polishes and that I like creams, shimmers, and glitters. I suggested maybe a teal with red glitter would be pretty!

Are you ready to see what she came up with?

ImageShe seriously blew the idea I had out of the water. When I opened my package I just sat there in shock for a moment. She used a fine red shimmer with red spark for the base color and satin mint green hexes with matte teal hexes. I’m wearing two coats of polish with a base and top coat.

ImageIn the direct sunlight it looks like the base color is white. But it shifts to red. I love it! My sister in law even commented that she wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it if she was wearing it. Mission accomplished.

ImageHow do you think she did? Head over to Becca’s blog at to check out all of her other creations as well as learning tips and trick on creating your own polishes.


Jindie Nails Nail Mail

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few mini polishes from the Jindie restock on Etsy. I grabbed Pretty Penny, Electric Grape, and Candy Land. I was most excited for Candy Land and now that I’ve used it, I feel a bit let down :(. We’ll get more into that later.

I grabbed Electric Grape on a whim. I kept waiting for a mini of Water 4 Elephants to show up and it never did, until I quickly placed my order with the 3 polishes I already had in my basket. I didn’t want to get cart jacked of Candy Land! lol

When my order finally came in, I looked at them all and decided I was feeling “eh” about Electric Grape. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I don’t know why, but I thought it was going to be a much darker purple. Well, after using it. It quickly turned into my favorite!

ImageThis is in direct sunlight. Electric Grape is a purple jelly with blue micro shimmer. It’s gorgeous! I’m wearing 3 coats in the pictures.


Here is a picture of Electric Grape in the shade:

ImageBy far my favorite of the 3 I ordered! I’m going to also try to layer this over a dark purple polish and a white polish to see how it looks.

Next up is Pretty Penny. This polish is in a clear base and is full of pink, gold, copper, and bronze glitter. It’s very pretty too! I used 3 coats in my pictures. No undies. This would look great layered over a lot of colors.



Last but not least is Candy Land. I’m wearing 4 coats in all of the pictures. Candy Land is a milky white base full of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow neon glitters.


ImageIt’s pretty, right? I want to love this one but I’m disappointing in it. I’m not sure if it’s because I own a mini instead of a full size, but the neon glitters were SO HARD to get out. I let my bottle sit upside down hoping the glitter would be easier to get out when I flipped it back over, but they all sunk back to the bottom quickly. The brush on the mini bottle makes it difficult to fish around. And look at my bottle… there is a lot of glitter in there! Ugh.

So there you have it. My first Jindie Nails order. I still want Water 4 Elephants and will be ordering the full size of that! I don’t want any trouble with trying to fish out glitter! Her next restock is this Saturday, February 23rd on Etsy.

Connect the Dots

I was finally able to get my hands on one of the Lynnderella’s I’ve been wanting for awhile. Connect the Dots! I’m not a huge fan of her polishes mainly because of the price tag on them. This polish is listed on Ebay for $22 and up. I can’t afford to get addicted to a brand of polish with that kind of price tag. A lot of girls do (and spend even more!) but it’s not in my tiny budget as a stay at home mom.

Buuuut! That’s where Facebook swap groups are awesome! One night I found someone selling a few of her Lynnderella’s. I snatched this one up for a much better resale price of $15. I’m hoping to come across Love, Lace, and Lilacs one day for a good price too. She was also selling that one but someone had faster fingers than I did.


Connect the Dots is packed full of different shapes and sizes of black and white glitter in a shimmery clear base. The shimmer is very subtle. I layered one coat of this over top of China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. 

Image I thought this black and white polish would look good layered over a Turquoise. What color would you layer this over?

Image ImageSince Lynnderella’s creation of this polish, there have been a lot of dupes to come out. I know off the top of my head that Sephora has a glitter topper called Chaotic for around $12. It’s a very close dupe and I’ve almost bought it several times.

Alright, now I need to get off this computer and start coming up with my idea for “Inspired by a Pattern” mani for tomorrows challenge. See ya all tomorrow! 🙂

February Nail Art Challenge- Half Moon Mani

Hello everyone! Ready for more half moons? After I painted my nails for the half moon challenge last night, I realized that the colors are similar to the colors I used last time around for this same challenge lol. Super creative, huh?

9 Day Challenge February 2013

ImageIf you don’t remember (or if you’re one of my new followers) I used purple and gold last time. So not completely the same but similar.

ImageFor today’s half moons I used two coats of Julep Gayle as my base color. It’s a dark purple creme. Very pretty in the right light. I used circle stickers this time to help with my half moon. Last time I free handed it but it was a pain. I painted two coats of Essie Beyond Cozy for the top half of the half moon. Once that dried, which was fairly quick since it’s such a dense glitterful (I may have made that word up) polish, I used a small dotter and just made little dots around my moon shape in the same color purple, Gayle. Top coat it and you’re done!



Check out the InLinkz below to see how the other girls did with their half moons!

Pink Plumeria

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve made it half way through the week :). Woohoo!

Today will be the last of my “month of untried” polishes. I’m going to still try to use my untried polishes more often but with the February Nail Art Challenge coming up, it’s going to be hard for me to only use them.

Today I’m wearing China Glaze Pink Plumeria and on my ring finger I have an accent of Glistening Snow stripes.

ImageI like this one. I haven’t worn Pink Plumeria before but it’s similar to a lot of the other pinks I have. Which is probably why I’m never drawn to wearing it. I like it though. I’m a fan of bright pinks so this is up my alley.

For my ring finger, I painted two coats of Glistening Snow and let that dry while I was painting my other nails with Pink Plumeria. I used three pieces of striping tape to create the lines, then just painted two coats of Pink Plumeria over top and ripped the tap off (slowly) while Pink Plumeria was still wet.

Glistening Snow is a micro silver holographic glitter polish in a clear base. It feels very gritty when it’s dry before you add a top coat. The holo wasn’t as strong as I was expecting with this one. But it is really pretty. I almost wish I wouldn’t have covered it so much lol.

ImageI’ll be back Friday with my first ever attempt at Galaxy Nails for day one of the challenge. I’m excited to be doing another one of these again.

Also, if you haven’t entered the giveaway yet… go do it! There are 10 great prize packs 🙂Giveaway

Sparkly Markaly

I have polish on! Haha! Man, I missed my nails being painted.

Yesterday I got Sparkly Markaly from Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam in the mail. Just in time :). For some reason the post office was taking their sweet time getting this package to me. But I think they just knew I wasn’t going to be able to wear it until Friday so they delayed the package to help me out. That’s my story any how.

I have 2 other polishes from Pam and I love them. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I always get tons of complements from random people when I wear them. Sparkly Markaly is no exception. It’s stunning and I wore it to a get together last night and everyone keep complementing me on it.

ImageCheck this baby out. Beautiful, huh? This polish is from her “My Whimsical Valentine” collection. It’s a red jelly packed full of red glitter. It makes me think of Dorthy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz. I’m wearing 3 coats of this polish and two coats of G&G HK Girl Top Coat.

Image ImageShe released 50 of this Limited Edition labeled bottle. The label was created by her nephew. I was lucky enough to snag bottle number 25 :).


You can visit her Facebook page to see her whole collection and order your own. I do know that Sparkly Markaly is sold out that this time. She’s waiting on another shipment of the glitter to create more. It was such a popular one! I believe she will still take your order for it but will not invoice you until she has more of the polish made and ready to ship.

Maya and Jane

It’s Friday!!! I hope you all survived the week just fine 🙂

Recently Julep came out with a limited edition polish called Jane. It’s a full coverage rose gold glitter and was named after the company founder, Jane Park. I am in love <3. You all know I love glitter but they suckered me in with the limited edition title. I had to get it.


I don’t regret my purchase one bit. In fact, I’m debating on if I should order another for a back up seeing as it’s limited edition you know ;). I’m wearing two coats of Jane and two coats of Glisten and Glow HK Girl top coat to smooth it out and make it super shiny.

Maya is a light pink, shimmery polish. It reminds me of sea shells I used to find when I was little. Maya’s application was a bit tough. I have some killer brush strokes as you can see in the pictures and I had to fight with cuticle flooding. I also got a bubble on my pinky. So I’m not too impressed with Maya. Although she’s pretty and I think she made a perfect match with Jane.

ImageI wanted to give you a closer picture of Jane too. Gorgeous, don’t you agree?


Come What May

Happy hump day! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. This week is just flying by.

The lovely Maggy at Daily Lacquer sent me a couple of polishes to review from her new “All You Need Is Love” Valentines Day collection. Come What May is the first that I’ll be showing you today.

ImageI am in love with this polish. As soon as I saw it I wanted to wear it right away. It’s a grey crelly with hot pink holo and matte glitter and hot pink hearts. I love grey and pink together. Anytime I wear a grey polish, I go for pink as an accent color. This polish is right up my ally.

The application of this polish was perfect. It is on the thinner side since it’s a crelly, so I would suggest either layering 3 coats or using grey undies underneath 1 or 2 coats of Come What May. I only used 2 coats in the pictures but I think the glitter would stand out a lot more if I would have used undies. Another thing I loved about this polish is that I didn’t have to fish out the hearts. I was lucky enough to get a few on my nails just by my normal application.


I have a mini of Come My Way for this review. The full size bottle is 13.5 ml and retails for $9 on her Etsy shop. I love the shape of her full size bottles. She adds a ribbon around the lid as a little personalized touch.


And here’s a bottle shot so you can see just how pretty it really is.

Before I started writing this post I planned on showing you the polishes in their own spot light in their own posts. Which was an awesome plan because shortly after I started writing this post, hours ago, I broke my 2nd polish she sent me :(. It rolled right off the bed as I was making a mad dash to the potty with little J (we started potty training yesterday). I contacted Maggy to let her know and she was kind enough to offer to send me a new one. So I will have the review of the 2nd polish for you but I will have to wait for the new one to come in the mail. And I promise you will love it when you see it 🙂

It’s a Trap-eze!

Today I have a glitter bomb of colors for you! It’s a Trap-eze is one of the new colors by China Glaze from the Cirque du Soleil collection.

The whole line is really pretty but It’s a Trap-eze really stood out to me. It’s unlike the other a`polishes I already own. It’s a white milky base packed full of yellow, pink, green, white, blue, and orange glitters. I think, that’s all the colors I see lol.

ImageI’m wearing two coats of It’s a Trap-eze! with one coat of Glisten and Glow HK Girl top coat. It is a bit of a top coat eater so if you like your polish very glossy then you may want to apply a couple of layers of top coat on this one.

ImageOverall I really like this one. I know you can purchase it at Sally’s but all of my local Sally’s were sold out. A friend of mine found it in hers and sent it to me. So I got lucky :).

Lavender Susie

Happy Monday!

One of my Facebook nail polish groups set up an event for using untried polishes this month. I’ve noticed that so far I’ve only used my untried polishes so I’m going to keep up with that this whole month. That was really my goal as I started this blog anyways. But I always find myself going back to the same ones I know and love.

Today I’m wearing Julep Susie and Milani Lavender.

ImageSusie is a BEAUTIFUL powdery, sky blue color. I’ve received a lot of complements on this one. Even from my husband! ::gasp:: He noticed it before I shoved my hands in his face and yelled “LOOK!” like I normally do lol. Of course, I had to give him credit for it anyways since he bought it for me ;). He just didn’t know it.

Lavender is part of the Jewel FX line from Milani. It’s a clear base coat with purple micro and hexagon glitter. It’s very pretty and I think it made a great accent with Susie.


Do you like this combination? What are some colors you would like to see together? I’d love some inspiration for you all.

Also, SALE ALERT! I’m sure you’ve probably seen this already but Zoya has a sale going on until 1/13/13. Three free nail polishes with the promo code Zoya2013. You only have to pay shipping and processing which is $10. So $10 for three Zoya polishes isn’t bad at all! There are some restrictions though. Aren’t there always? It’s limited to US only and it excludes Zoya Nail Treatments, Gilty Pleasures and Spring 2013 Lovely & PixieDust Collection colors.

I ordered Faye, Opal, and Wednesday 🙂