February Julep Maven- Boho Glam

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far. Ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow? I’m working on my mani for it right now.

Today I have the contents of my February Julep Maven box to show you. It’s not my typical unboxing that I normally do for you all so I apologize for that. I opened my box in the car on the run a few days ago then turned around and reused my box to mail some polishes to a friend (recycling!) before I took pictures of everything lol. So I’m just going to quickly show you what all came and swatches of the polish colors.

This month Julep included their new Oxygen Nail Treatment in the boxes (except for It Girl) and give us all an extra, the Freedom Polymer Top Coat.


The Oxygen Nail Treatment says to use it once or twice a week on clean nails for a high gloss coverage and strong, healthy growth. Also, it says not to use it with any other polish. I think that has some of us a little confused because we were lead to believe it was similar to a base coat.  Maybe I made that up in my head, who knows lol. I figured I would try it out for the day before I start my Super Bowl mani.

ImageI’m not sure that I’ll notice any results after only a few hours of wearing it but I’ll give you all an update as I use it more often. As for the Freedom Top Coat, I’m not going to test that out until next month. With the nail challenge going on this month, I’m not going to have time to give it the wear test.

The polish colors I received this month are Julianne (named after Julianne Moore) and Ingrid (named after Ingrid Bergman).

ImageJulianne is a smoky grey blue creme and Ingrid is a burnt orange creme. I’m a huge fan of creme polishes so they were both perfect for me. I swatched them on swatch sticks so you could get an idea of the color. I don’t plan on wearing these just yet but maybe I’ll be able to incorporate them into my nail art sometime this month.

ImageJulep also added a couple of little extras this month (on top of the top coat!). I didn’t snap a picture of them but they added a cute little eye lash curler and some chocolate hearts. The chocolate hearts were gone as soon as I opened my box, thanks hubby. I haven’t used the eye lash curler yet but I’m excited to try it out.


2 thoughts on “February Julep Maven- Boho Glam

    • It seems to be a treatment. I’m kinda confused by it but I believe you’re just supposed to use it on your nails 1-2 times a week then take it off and paint your nails lol. I’m interested to see if it works.

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