February Nail Art Challenge- Galaxy Nails

Happy February everyone! This year is just flying through already, huh? lol Today is the start of Erica’s Nails and More’s February Nail Art Challenge. Most of you may remember but I joined in on one of these last year and it was so much fun. It really made me venture out into nail art. I was super excited to do it again.


Here’s the plan for the month. Today we’re starting off with Galaxy Nails.

I’m a huge fan of these nails. I’ve never attempted at them before today but I love finding them on blogs, Pintrest, and Youtube. Here are my recreation:





How do you think they turned out? Do they look like galaxies?

For this creation I used one coat of Color Club Revvvolution (although my Revvvolution doesn’t look like other swatch pictures of it I’ve seen). When that dried I sponged Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Why Not, and Maybelline Enchanted Wine on my nails. I dabbed Sally Hansen Strobe Light on the black spaces left on my nails to give it some sparkle.

Check out all the other girls beautiful galaxy nails in the InLinkz below:


30 thoughts on “February Nail Art Challenge- Galaxy Nails

  1. Awesome job! They definitely look like galaxies to me 🙂 When in doubt, do the “husband test” 😉 Show him your nails and ask what he thinks they are supposed to be. If he’s right – AWESOME! If not… he doesn’t know anything about nail art, hahahaha!
    I can’t believe how fast this year has gone already too!

    • LMAO that’s a good idea for a test! I gave them the Jayden test today… it failed. He said “oh wow mommy! you have sprinkles on your nails!” He couldn’t get past the glitter haha

    • Thank you! They were so simple. I thought they were going to be a lot more involved, which is why I always kept putting off doing them too lol. You should try it out!

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