Sparkly Markaly

I have polish on! Haha! Man, I missed my nails being painted.

Yesterday I got Sparkly Markaly from Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam in the mail. Just in time :). For some reason the post office was taking their sweet time getting this package to me. But I think they just knew I wasn’t going to be able to wear it until Friday so they delayed the package to help me out. That’s my story any how.

I have 2 other polishes from Pam and I love them. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I always get tons of complements from random people when I wear them. Sparkly Markaly is no exception. It’s stunning and I wore it to a get together last night and everyone keep complementing me on it.

ImageCheck this baby out. Beautiful, huh? This polish is from her “My Whimsical Valentine” collection. It’s a red jelly packed full of red glitter. It makes me think of Dorthy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz. I’m wearing 3 coats of this polish and two coats of G&G HK Girl Top Coat.

Image ImageShe released 50 of this Limited Edition labeled bottle. The label was created by her nephew. I was lucky enough to snag bottle number 25 :).


You can visit her Facebook page to see her whole collection and order your own. I do know that Sparkly Markaly is sold out that this time. She’s waiting on another shipment of the glitter to create more. It was such a popular one! I believe she will still take your order for it but will not invoice you until she has more of the polish made and ready to ship.


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