Day Three: Naked Challenge

Hi there! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday. I know you all were on the edge of your seats waiting LOL :).

I finished the three day challenge and couldn’t wait to get polish back on. At first I didn’t think I noticed much difference. Other than the fact that my nails looked less dry. I still have issues with the skin around my nails at the edge being dry and hard. It makes me want to bite at them, but I’ve been good. It did take care of my hangnails though! That is pretty amazing. I just need to keep up with this better routine of nourishing my nails.

So here we go. My after pictures.


ImageWhat do you think? I really didn’t notice the hangnails were gone until I painted my nails last night. That was amazing because they would royally suck when it came to clean up if I had the slightest bit of polish on them.

I put together a before and after picture of the three days too. You can notice the difference a bit more here.

ImageSo now I need to put sticky notes all over the place reminding me to oil up! :).

I forgot to link in the site I purchased this oil from when I started the challenge so I wanted to make sure to do it today in case any of you are interested in purchasing after seeing my results. Just head over to and you can read up more on this oil, the ingredients, the creators results, whatever you’re looking for. The starter kit cost $24.

I’ll be back later to post some color on my nails!!!


4 thoughts on “Day Three: Naked Challenge

  1. Growth and repair to nails/hair is often slower in the winter months than in the summer/warmer months (I think you are in the northern hemisphere right). When I need to take a polish holiday for nail rehab/health, I give it a good week. I really swear by Barielle’s Intensive Nail Treatment Oil. I tried a good 25 different oils/nail treatments through the yrs and for me, that’s the one that has worked the best. It also helps when my nails are sporting polish. I use it in the evenings usually in conjunction with the Barielle Nail strengthening treatment cream. I went long periods of time using Jose Maran’s Aragon oil and Tart’s Maracuja oil, both a lot more pricy and I had far less results with those on my nails over the Barielle 2 treatments.

    • I’m actual in Florida, so we haven’t gotten too much cool weather this year. It’s been a bit chilly on and off for the last couple of weeks which is drying out my hands. And I wash my hands a lot too which I’m sure makes it worse. I’m going to keep up with the oil treatments though. They’re definitely helping, I just need to keep reminding myself to apply the oil lol

  2. Wow! It looks like it’s really working. Just out of curiosity, does this oil help in general with nails? For some reason mine are really prone to breakage lately. I’m not sure if it’s the dry winter weather or what. I would sure like to find something to help though.

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