Day Two: Naked Challenge

Hi there! Are you ready for today’s results of my naked challenge?

Before I show you the pictures I have to be honest. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the oil today. I’ve been on the road almost all day house hunting. Which meant getting little man in and out of his car seat 8 times today. As soon as I put oil on, I rubbed it off. So I gave up at one point and just said I’ll oil up really well when I get home. But I have to say, even without oiling up all day they’re still pretty nourished looking.



My nails normally grow pretty quick so I can’t tell if it’s the oil or not, but my thumb nail on my left hand has definitely grown since I started this two days ago. I know this because of the part of my nail that’s ripped off. I want to cut my nail to make it even but I’m trying to see how much growth I have by the end of the three days (tomorrow). So I’m just going to let it bug me for one more day. 🙂

Here are before and day one pictures.


So I’ll be back tomorrow with the final results! And let me tell you. I can’t wait to paint my nails again. I was kind of in a polish funk before I started this challenge so I was wearing the same polish I put on quickly Saturday afternoon before I went to a hockey game then took it off Tuesday to start this challenge. I’m ready to put some color back on these babies!


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