Come What May

Happy hump day! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. This week is just flying by.

The lovely Maggy at Daily Lacquer sent me a couple of polishes to review from her new “All You Need Is Love” Valentines Day collection. Come What May is the first that I’ll be showing you today.

ImageI am in love with this polish. As soon as I saw it I wanted to wear it right away. It’s a grey crelly with hot pink holo and matte glitter and hot pink hearts. I love grey and pink together. Anytime I wear a grey polish, I go for pink as an accent color. This polish is right up my ally.

The application of this polish was perfect. It is on the thinner side since it’s a crelly, so I would suggest either layering 3 coats or using grey undies underneath 1 or 2 coats of Come What May. I only used 2 coats in the pictures but I think the glitter would stand out a lot more if I would have used undies. Another thing I loved about this polish is that I didn’t have to fish out the hearts. I was lucky enough to get a few on my nails just by my normal application.


I have a mini of Come My Way for this review. The full size bottle is 13.5 ml and retails for $9 on her Etsy shop. I love the shape of her full size bottles. She adds a ribbon around the lid as a little personalized touch.


And here’s a bottle shot so you can see just how pretty it really is.

Before I started writing this post I planned on showing you the polishes in their own spot light in their own posts. Which was an awesome plan because shortly after I started writing this post, hours ago, I broke my 2nd polish she sent me :(. It rolled right off the bed as I was making a mad dash to the potty with little J (we started potty training yesterday). I contacted Maggy to let her know and she was kind enough to offer to send me a new one. So I will have the review of the 2nd polish for you but I will have to wait for the new one to come in the mail. And I promise you will love it when you see it 🙂


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