Today I have a duochrome goody for you! My husband actually surprised me with this polish yesterday. He came home from his morning jog, woke me up, and handed me a polish. That was a first! lol He must finally be coming around and supporting my obsession :).

Sally Hansen Lava is the polish I’m referring to. It’s part of their Lustre Shine line. I’ve walked past it a million times in Walgreens but have never grabbed one. I’m lucky he has such a great eye or I would have been missing out on this beauty.

ImageIt shifts from pink to orange to gold. I love it. It was pretty sheer. I’m wearing two coats but next time I wear it I will probably go ahead and do 3 coats. I may try to layer it over black too!

ImageSo all in all… the hubby has good taste! lol I do love this one.


13 thoughts on “Lava

  1. I wanted this one but thought I would not get it – the few places that sell polishes where I live were picked over on this one shade out of this collection…finally I found a full display when I had to be in a larger city for medical – love it…

  2. Wow i wondering how straight guys come up with the cool idea of getting us a nail polish 😉 (recently happened to me as well and i was like OMG) so cute.
    This shade looks great!!

    • lol When he handed me this one I was like “did you really buy me an orange polish because it’s your favorite color?” He was like no! It’s not orange, it’s like pink then kind of turns orange and I though that was cool. He was so funny trying to explain it to me. I should add that it was still kind of dark in the room so I couldn’t really see it.

  3. HAHA! where does he jog? lol! I love it when the men in our lives are so thoughtful and sweet! I also love that you gave him credit for it on your blog! Maybe he’ll do it again!! 😉 It is a lovely shade/shades!

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