I’m back!

Hi everyone! I’m back :). With nubbins. lol My nails are so short. I’m not used to them yet, even though I’ve had them short for days now. Last night was the first time I’ve painted them since I’ve had them short.

I chose Julep Amy and Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? for my mani today. I have a surprise outing tonight that my brother in law planned for our Christmas gift. So I wanted to add a little sparkle without it being too much.

ImageI really like how this turned out. I love blue and red together. This would be a cute 4th of July mani too if I could figure out a way to incorporate some white into it.

ImageWhat do you think of this combination?

I have lots of new polishes so I’m struggling trying to figure out what to use first. They’re all so pretty. First world problems, right? lol

If you haven’t checked out Sally’s clearance sale yet then you need to head over there and see what they have. I got a great haul yesterday. I spent $11 and got 3 full size China Glaze, one mini China Glaze, plus the China Glaze Cheers set. I grabbed the last one left at my Sally’s. I’d say that was a pretty successful trip :).


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