Julep New Years Mystery Box

😀 I got my Julep New Years Mystery Box yesterday. So excited over it. I love Juleps mystery boxes. Since my collection with Julep has grown, I’m a bit nervous with buying the mystery boxes because I don’t want a ton of duplicate colors. Which tends to happen. But not this time!

I ordered this one mainly because they were giving an iPad (mini?) away to one lucky person. I had high hopes that person would be me LOL. Not so much. But that’s ok. The “never released mystery glitter” had me sold too!

First thing in the box where the polishes. I received 6 total. Happy camper here :). ImageRenee, Chelsea, Emmanuelle


Catherine, Mystery Glitter, Lucy

I’ve seen in other posts that the Mystery Glitter is called Erica. Mine did not have a name label on it though. It looks like a clear base full of black, orange, silver, and gold glitter.

For the products in my box I received: Image

Julep Daylight Defense SPF 30 for hands and face (full size), white glitter pot, 3 one step polish removing pads (1 pad in each), and 2 sample size Age Defying Hand Brightener. I just realized that I do have 2 of the full size’s of this Hand Brightener. I’ll actually be giving one away here very soon ;).

Over all I was very happy with this box. I don’t use SPF like I should. So, I am looking forward to trying this out. Maybe it’ll get me into a good routine. Chelsea looks a lot like Barbara from the December Maven box so I will be swatching these to compare. Catherine, I plan on giving away to a good friend of mine. She doesn’t even know it yet 😉 Shhhh.

Julep said these mystery boxes would equal from $100 to $300. Lets see how much mine valued for.

Six polishes at $14 each = $84
Daylight Defense SPF 30 = $28
Glitter pot = ? maybe $3
Polish removing pads = ? maybe $3
Hand Brightener samples = about $2.78 a mL and I have 4mL, so $11.12? A full size is $32. I suck at math so I don’t know if I calculated that right lol.

Total of about $129. With just the polish and the SPF the who box was worth it. And I only paid $19.99 for it!

I’ve said it a million times but I love Julep! Soon enough I’ll have my January Maven box to share with you all too!

If you haven’t signed up for Julep yet and are thinking about it then you should do it soon. Rumor is that the penny intro boxes are going away after the end of the year :(. If you’re thinking about joining, you can use my referral link here or just go to Julep.com. Take the quick beauty profile quiz and use the code PENNY at check out to only pay $.01 for you intro box (plus shipping). Once you’ve a Maven, shipping is always free.


4 thoughts on “Julep New Years Mystery Box

  1. Agh! Sadness 😦 I missed their mystery box, they were sold out. You are so lucky!! I hope you’ll be posting swatches in the future 🙂

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