Christmas Gifts

Today theme in the nail art contest is “gifts”. I decided to do some crazy nail art today for my presents :). I also wanted to try to use most of the Julep December Maven box colors I haven’t used yet while I was at it.

To create today’s nail art I used Julep Barbara (pinky), Harper (ring finger), Petra (middle finger), Vivien (index finger), and Hilary (thumb) for my polishes. After I applied two coats of each polish I topped it with HK Girl Fast Dry Top Coat and let it dry. Once the polish was completely dry, I cut up different colors of striping tape. With the striping tape I created bows on each nail like wrapped presents. I topped each one with a little rhinestone in the middle of the bows.


I think it turned out pretty cute. It’s definitely different. Not something I would wear. I like the concept of it though. 😀

Check out what all of the other girls are doing for their gifts:


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