Queen of Hearts

Today I have another Indie to share with you. However I’m kicking myself for not posting this one weeks ago. The reason for that is because the creator of this polish just closed up shop today. 😦 So sad. I only own two from her line.

The brand I’m referring to is Once Upon a Polish. I purchased two of her polishes several weeks ago when I heard she would be closing up. One was Queen of Hearts. However, at the time I thought her close was just going to be temporary because she was moving. I checked her Facebook today and it looks like she posted that she’s closing it up for good. I do hope she has a change of heart over time and joins back into making these beauties.

ImageQueen of Hearts is a glitter top coat. It’s a clear base with white, black, and gold glitter. It also has a bunch of little red hearts mixed it. I used 2 coats of Essie Over The Edge as my base color.

Here’s a macro bottle shot:                                            Image

Pretty, huh? I’m sure we’ll be able to find her polishes sold on the resale market. Although, there’s no telling what the price on them will be.

ImageTomorrow I’ll be back with my Holly manicure for day 9 of the Show Me Your Top Coat challenge.


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