Inspired by a Holiday Movie

Happy Sunday :). I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far.

Today’s already day 8 of this Holiday Challenge. The theme for today is “Inspired by a Holiday Movie.”

I originally planned to use A Christmas Story as my inspiration. But I already know that one of the other girls used that movie as her theme. Plus, I figured that one might be pretty popular. I mean, it’s such an awesome movie :).  So instead, I decided to go with this movie. Here’s the picture I used for my inspiration:

charlie brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Since I already had my nails white I used this as my base as well. It made for a good snow effect behind my tree.


On my index finger I used Julep Daisy and Brandt. I just created the Charlie Brown T-shirt that we all know and love. I liked the idea of doing his shirt instead of the jacket he’s wearing in the picture. My middle finger is a base of Julep Molly. I used Julep Daisy, Charlotte, Eloise, and Parker to create the Christmas lights that are strung on the dog house. My ring finger is my tree :). It’s Butter London Cream Tea and Essie Pearlfection as a base from my mani yesterday. Julep Vera makes up the base of the tree. I mixed Julep Brandt and Sophie for a darker brown for the tree and used Julep Emilie for the leaves. The tree ornament is Julep Molly. My pinky finger is inspired by Snoopy’s hat. I used Julep Emilie and Eloise for that.

Did you get all of that? Lots of Juleps lol. I hope you like my holiday movie inspired mani. Check out what movie all of the other girls did by clicking the InLinkz below.


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