Christmas Bells

Welcome to day 4 of the Christmas nail art challenge. Today’s theme is bells.

Now, I try really hard to be an artist. But truth be told, I’m not that great with it. I was stumped when it came to trying to draw a bells on my nails. I thought about skipping today but then I would have felt like a failure lol. I searched the internet for ideas on how to draw bells but couldn’t really find anything that caught my attention. So I gave up and just decided to grab some colors and get to work.

First I grabbed Butter London West End Wonderland. This is the prefect Christmasy glitter so I knew this was the color for my bell. I also purchased the Color Club Winter Affair collection on Hautelook awhile back and figured I could work with these colors too since after all, they are part of a winter collection.

This is what I ended up with: ImageNot too bad, right? I think I was just over reacting when I was trying to plan this all out in my head :). Also, I meant to do a half moon mani with the glitter and red but completely forgot that was what I was going to do until after I’d already painted my nails red and let it dry so I winged it a bit.

I can’t wait to see all the other girls mani’s as well because this one was definitely a challenge. Unless you’re a pro :-P. You can also check them out by clicking the InLinkz below.

Next up is Reindeer! Also just a reminder to make sure you’ve entered my giveaway. I’m drawing one lucky winner next Wednesday the 12th. Don’t miss out!


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