Candy Corn Mani

I’ve been slacking lately! So much for my color a week challenge haha. Two day’s failed on that.

I planned to paint blue nails for today since I missed out yesterday but I had a slammed packed day. I squeezed in some Halloween nails last minute about an hour before we went out. I’m surprised they held up but they’re not the best I could have done. And my hands are super dry. Can you believe that it’s actually been cold here the last few days?! It’s crazy! My skin is completely dry thanks to the cold weather and I keep forgetting to lotion up.

I decided to paint Candy Corn nails for my official Halloween mani. I used Butter London Cream Tea as the base and coated 3 coats on my nails. For the orange I used Julep Parker and I painting a swipe across my nail. After that dried I used Julep Daisy for the yellow and made a swipe right above Parker. I tried to clean up any overage from Daisy and used Cream Tea again on the tip to even it out a bit. This would have been a lot neater if I would have used tape but who has time for that when you’re in a hurry?!


I hope you like it and I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!

Here’s a bonus picture of my little pirate after Trick or Treating! He didn’t want to wear his hat or smile for the camera :).



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