Polish Us Pink- Week 5

Welcome to the final week of Polish Us Pink. Can you believe October is almost over?!

Today has been crazy around here. I’ve had quite the crazy, unruly two year old on my hands. And because of that I’m tossing Polish Us Pink and my day two of my blue week all together.

As most of you know breast cancer can affect men as well as women. I saw someone on Instagram post their nail art for breast cancer awareness and they incorporated blue polish in with pink in the ribbon in honor of the men that are also affected from breast cancer. Now I’m not that talented :). I do however own Revlon Whimsical.

Whimsical is a light blue jelly base with blue and pink hexagon glitter in the mix. It’s VERY sheer and I’m sure would take too many coats to make it opaque. I layered 3 coats in my pictures. Next time I wear this I’m going to use a light blue as a base underneath.

I’m not happy with how my pictures turned out today but I worked with the short nap time I had. I really do like this polish though!




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