50 Shades of Purple

I’ve been having trouble trying to decide what color to paint my nails. That’s the sign that I have a ton of colors. Never too many though ;).

So I decided to do color weeks. I’m going to chose a color a week and make a post of that color every day for the week. Starting with purple. I really don’t wear my purples that often, at least I don’t think I do. So this is a good chance to break out the colors I don’t wear and try them out.

Now, I’m still participating in Paint Us Pink Mondays and I’m also contributing to a nail challenge in November. For those days I “plan” on making two posts a day. Now things always come up so I may not be able to do that but that’s the plan.

Here’s what I have to work with this week!                         ImageI only chose 7 out of these 17 colors. A few of these colors I’ve already used so I put those back in the Helmer.

Today I’m starting with OPI Significant Other Color. It’s a beautiful shimmery purple color. It also has hints of green depending on were the light hits it. Pretty, right?!


It’s pretty sheer so I used 3 coats.

ImageWhat do you think? XOXO


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