Autumn Fishtail Braid

I didn’t intend for this mani to look so festive for the season but it turned out that way. It just so happens to be my favorite college footballs teams colors as well :). Go FSU!

Today I’m going to give you another tutorial. This time it’s going to be on how to create a Fishtail Braid mani. I took pictures step by step to share with you. It is quite simple and turns out beautiful, so I hope you try this out yourself!

To create a Fishtail Braid mani you’re going to need to chose 3 nail polish colors. These colors need to be pretty opaque since you’re going to be layering. For my mani today I used Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Essie Penny Talk, and Julep Stefani.

I started with one coat of Revlon Ruby Ribbon. This coat doesn’t need to be perfect since you’re essentially going to be layering over top of it anyways.

For step 2, you’re going to grab your second color you want to work with. I choose Essie Penny Talk. Make a swipe across your nail starting at the left side of your cuticle. You do not need to go all the way across your nail, just about a little more than half way is fine.      ImageFor step 3, you’re going to grab your third color that you’re working with. This is when I used Julep Stefani. This time you’re going to make another swipe across your nail but starting at the right side of your cuticle. Make sure this color overlaps your 2nd color from step 2. See my picture below.  Image

Now for step 4 you’re going to grab your original color you started with again. For me it will be Revlon Ruby Ribbon. Go back to the left side of your nail where you swiped your 2nd color (in step 2). Right below that color you’re going to swipe your original color across. By doing this you should be covering any of the overlapping color from step 3.                                      Image

Step 5 is essentially just repeating step 2 but at this point you should be on the right side of your nail. You’ve probably got the hang of it at this point. 🙂                   Image

And my final step is 6. It’s a repeat of step 3. Make a swipe of your 3rd color across, starting at the left side of your nail.                                                                Image

Now if you have longer nails you may need more steps then 6 but I’m sure by that point you got the hang of it. Here is my final result in the sunlight:


Hope my tutorial was helpful for you! I’d love to see the color combinations you come up with as well! XOXO


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