“What’s In My Bag” Tag!

The amazing Alison over at therosysnail.com tagged me in her “What’s In My Bag” post to share what really IS in my bag. 🙂

I’m a mom of a 2 year old so I don’t carry a purse. I’ve been toting around my Vera Bradly diaper bag for the last 2 years. It is my purse! Although it’s been consumed by a little boy and all his needs and wants. It’s a lot less packed full of crap than it was a year ago lol.

Here’s my bag:


I started emptying the front pockets of the bag to show you what I have in there. What I found was a receipt, fast passes (that we never used), and Disney admission tickets, and a pressed penny all from our most recent trip on October 8th. Oh and a random bouncy ball. The only thing missing, that I would normally have in those front pockets, is my cell phone. But that’s what I’m using to take my pictures so I couldn’t take a picture of it.


Next up was the inside. My big mess of an inside. This post was good for me. I needed to organize my bag! I’ll start with Jayden’s things since he really consumes my bag. I have diapers, a pack of wipes, change of clothes and socks, bags to put dirty clothes/diapers in, sunscreen, Halloween hand sanitizer, band-aids (you always need these with a little boy!), a maraca (?), a couple of toy cars, and Squeeze aka a Handy Manny plier.


Now on to what I have for myself. My car keys, a bottle of Advil, a Walgreens coupon for a $1 off of Essie (whhhhhat? haha), and my clutch. In my clutch is just my debit card, drivers license, a ton of loose change, and receipts. When I’m not with my little guy or if I’m making a quick run out of the house I just grab my clutch and go.


Last but not least is my make-up bag I carry around. It has mostly lip products. What’s funny about everything that’s is in this bag is that it all came from monthly subscription boxes. All but the Blistex. I have a little sample size tube of Dr. Jarts BB Cream (I LOVE this stuff! Highly recommend it.), Julep lip plumper (I believe in Arousal but the tag is pretty worn on it), Studio Gear lip stick in Warm & Cozy, Dermstore Lip Quench, Pur-lisse Pur-lip Comfort, Blistex medicated chapstick, Julep mascara in Jet Black, NYX roll on shimmer in Almond, and Marbella permanent eyeliner pen.


Jayden wanted to get in on that picture. See his little finger on the Julep Lip Plumper? Silly boy.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my bag! Check out the girls tagged below to see what they have in their bags as well! XOXO


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