I Have a Herring Problem

I love this color! I feel like I say that every post haha. But really, it’s beautiful. I Have a Herring Problem is an OPI color from the Holland Collection. It’s a shimmery grey-blue color. I wish I could say I have more polish from this collection but I don’t. I need to work on buying complete collections :).

I decided to add a little something to it but putting some hearts on my accent finger. I used Essie Lights for the pink hearts. Hearts are pretty easy to create if you haven’t tried them before. I use my smallest dotting tool. You can also use a toothpick, safety pin, bobby pin, whatever you have easy access to if you don’t have a set of dotting tools.

To create the hearts I start by dipping my dotting tool in Essie Lights. Next I make two small dots next to each other on my nail. Then after I’ve dipped my dotting tool back in the polish I pull the two dots down into a heart shape. It’s very simple and cute! Hearts are my go to because, lets be honest, I’m not an amazing nail artist.




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