Guess what! I got a Helmer!!! Haha, I’m sure most of you are sitting there thinking “what on earth is she talking about?!” This is a Helmer:

HELMER Drawer unit on casters IKEA Slot for label on each drawer. Helps keep contents organized and easy to find.

It’s pretty much like a teenie tiny filing cabinet. Perfect for storing polish and all the miscellaneous stuff that goes along with it. I talked my husband into putting it together last night so I could spend nap time today filling it up :). It’s metal so it’s best to put those grip liners (for kitchen shelves) in the bottom of the drawers so your polish doesn’t slide around everywhere.

Alright so it’s 12pm, my Jayden finally decides to go down for nap, and I start packing the Helmer. I was able to fill 3 drawers but leave enough space for my future polish as well. In the top drawer I have all of my Julep, Butter London, Essie, Orly, OPI, and Zoya’s. They’re not color organize right now. I’ll get to that during nap time another day 🙂


Drawer 2 has my China Glaze (notice how they’re almost all neon? haha), Nicole by OPI, Sinful Colors, Color Club minis, my 1 MAC, and a bunch of drug store brands.


And finally, drawer 3. It’s full of my top and base coats, polish remover, glitter pots, caviar beads, nail files, cuticle oil, quick dry drops, restore, nail clippers, etc.


There is enough room in the drawers to add to my collection. I have a 4th drawer full of cotton balls but I didn’t figure you wanted a picture of cotton balls lol. My last two drawers I will probably fill with make up or eventually more polish :). I hope you like my stash! XOXO


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