Essie Nail Mail!!!!

I received some awesome nail mail yesterday and I was so excited I wanted to share with everyone :). I found on Ebay someone selling Essie’s in lots of 8. With shipping I ended up paying $25.85 for all 8 polishes. That works out to be $3.23 a polish! Considering Essie retails at $8 a pop, I figured this was an awesome deal, right?! I couldn’t pass it up.

The colors I got were Limo-Scene, Vanity Fairest, Eternal Optimist, Sand Tropez, E-nuf is E-nuf, Sew Psyched, Go Overboard, and Skirting the Issue. I really love all of the colors! I wasn’t so sure I would like them all after I ordered them but when I swatched them, I was sold!





They’re all beautiful, right?! I decided to leave one of them on… check back tomorrow to find out which one :).



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