October Julep Maven box

Happy October everyone! I know I’m so ready for the holidays and when I think of October it seems like the start of the season to me :). Now, where’s our cool weather here in Florida?!

Yesterday I received some awesome nail mail. My October Julep Maven box arrived! This month the box was pretty controversial because they brought out crackle polishes. A lot of people were complaining, saying they were so last year and Julep promised the latest and greatest. I personally didn’t have a problem with the boxes this month. I never did hop on the crackle bandwagon when it first came out and while I have a couple of crackle polishes myself, I’ve never used them. But, I was extremely excited for the product this month. Quick dry polish drops! I almost wish I would have purchased more as add on’s. I didn’t know I would love them so much.

I’m usually a Classic with a Twist, but the colors for American Beauty were screaming out to me this month so I made the switch. The colors in this box were Eloise, a smokey indigo blue creme, and Sabrina, a zesty orange shimmer crackle. Julep also gave us a little surprise this month and added 2 glitter pots! One is orange and the other is black. You probably saw in my post yesterday that I already tried these out.


I decided to go ahead and paint my nails again today with my new colors. I applied one coat of Eloise. It was opaque in just one coat. I would have probably added a 2nd out of habit if I wasn’t going to put the crackle over top.


After I applied Eloise I waited a bit for it to dry enough that it wouldn’t smudge when I topped it. I applied 1 coat of Sabrina, let it crackle, then applied a drop of the quick dry drops to each nail. I didn’t really notice the drops make my nails dry any faster but they did moisturize my cuticles nicely. I’ll keep using them for that reason alone.


Overall I loved this months box! If you’re not a Julep Maven yet, what are you waiting for?! Sign up today for just a penny to receive your start up box. It’s $19.99 a month after that. Here’s my referral link and use the code PENNY at check out to receive free shipping and your starter box for only 1 cent! http://julep.com/?r=21872721


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