The Foil Method

Have you heard of the foil method? It’s only the best way to remove stubborn glitter nail polish! I found out about this method from Pinterest. Here’s a link to the actually blog I got the tutorial from:


  1. 1. To start I gather a bunch of cotton balls. I tear my cotton balls in half so I use less that way.
  2. Rip a sheet of aluminum foil out of the package. Tear it into 10 strips that will wrap around your finger.
  3. Saturate a cotton ball in your polish remover and place it on your nail.
  4. Wrap the aluminum foil strip around the cotton ball and your fingers tight so that it doesn’t fall right off. I usually do one hand at a time but if you can do it or have help then go ahead and get both hands foiled up to save time!
  5. Wait about 5 minutes then rub and twist at the cotton ball on your nail so scrub that glitter off. If it still seems like it’s stuck on there pretty well then go ahead an leave it for a bit longer and keep checking. Some glitters are easier to get off than others.
  6. That’s it! You’ve now found the easiest way to remove glitter polish!


You may need to swipe another cotton ball of remover over your nails to make sure all the polish and glitter is off. Sometimes it’s hard to get it all off from around the cuticles buy just doing this method. I’ve found I have that trouble with dark colors or when I’ve put a ton of coats of glitter on. I hope this helps you all out and if you have any questions, let me know!

Here’s a sneak peek for my mani I’ll be showing you tomorrow :). XOXO



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